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Steel Master Transfer, Inc.

Our Company:
Steel Master Transfer, Inc. is a World Class ISO 9001 Certified designer and builder of automated parts and container handling systems for the automotive and related industries. SMT’s Quality System ensures the compliance to the information standard ISO9001 is maintained along with key objectives identified to ensure the reliability, maintainability and durability of our products.

Primary Products:

Gravity Feed And Storage System
Steel Master Transfer, Inc. can provide ride rail and roller bearing track, bucket or blade type elevators, helical storage units, meters, blenders, dividers and other various types of flow controls.

Track Components Inventory & Other Spare Parts
Steel Master Transfer, Inc. stocks all spring steel (B.T.S.S.) sizes from 1" to 8" wide by .062 thick in blank form. Punching to specified requirements within ten (10) days. Steel Master Transfer, Inc. also stocks aluminum bars for spacers and assorted bearing sizes for any immediate needs, and other spare parts.

High Tech Flex-Veyor Systems
Steel Master Transfer, Inc. - Aluminum Modular Conveyor Systems (Flex-Veyor) with plastic and steel table top chain. Side Gripper Elevators, BI-Flow Conveyors and Alpine Chain Conveyors are an alternative to Gravity Storage. They can be used where part on part impact cannot be tolerated. Steel Master Transfer, Inc. also offers a unique automatic pallet return system, (APR) where the pallet is returned on the underside of the conveyor chain, thus saving a pump-up, a pump-down, and a pallet return conveyor.

Robotic Systems
Steel Master Transfer, Inc. can supply the robotic or pick and place conveyor equipment to link machine tools, assembly equipment, washing stations, etc., with the flexible automation system.

Industrial Washers
Steel Master Transfer, Inc. has the capacity to engineer and build a wide range of Parts Cleaning and Parts Treating Equipment for our customers. Our capabilities range from the single purpose unit to multiple process units and incorporation within Turnkey Systems. Our equipment capabilities are automated, conveyor and monorail type machines with process capabilities of clean, rinse, blow-off, dry and rust inhibit type operations.

Heavy Automation
Equipment to handle parts or assemblies normally not able to be transported by means of gravity due to size, shape and weight of parts. Types of automation would be as follows:
Positive Indexing Units, Machine Loaders and Un-loaders, Power and Free Chain Conveyer, Pallet Return Conveyors, Accumulating Roller Conveyors.

If you have any questions pertaining to the above material, please feel free to contact us.

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