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Henshaw - USA, Incorporated
Solutions for advanced manufacturing & material handling; including: Custom designed and built automation, ergonomic lift assist systems, vision system integration, and controls design, programming, integration, and panel build.

Hydraulic & mechanical self-contained quill feed drillunits, tapunits, slides, mechanical & hydraulic index tables.

Single & two axis gantry's, area gantry's, rotary actuators, gripper and automation cell systems. rotary index tables, cam index tables, planetary tables, and multi axis rotary tables.

Flex-Line Automation Inc.
Flexible modular palletized aluminum extruded conveyor systems; plastic, steel, chain conveyors, elevators, chain washes, accumulation, & buffer systems, Pick & Place units.

Sterling Manufacturing (Precision Gaging Solutions)
Designers and builders of Precision Gages & Tooling and complete turnkey systems. Complete Gage Stations using Air/Electronic Spindles downloading into Sterling's Pro Measure Data Collectors, and Gaging Software.

Custom Feeder Company
Vibratory parts feeding systems, stainless steel vibratory feeder bowls, part escapements, inline vibratory tracks, and placement devices.
Quality + Integrity + Service = Value.

M.P. Tool & Engineering
Custom work holding chucks, wedge grip o.d. / i.d. chucks, precision spline, gear, bevel gear, collets, heli-grips 90 degree rotation from linear motion under power, spline comparators & locators, concentricity rings and plugs. tombstone fixtures.

Steel Master Transfer
Steel Master is a World Class certified designer and builder of Heavy Automation and Large Feeding Systems, including Robot Integration and high tech Flex-Veyor Systems. Their automation includes positive indexing units, machine loaders/unloaders, power and free chain conveyors, pallet return and accumulating roller conveyors.

Saginaw Machine Systems (SMS)
Automated CNC high-speed lathes & machining centers: Horizontal, Vertical, & Inverted Vertical CNC Machines, System Integration Design, Process Validation & part gaging.

Distech Systems Inc.
Unique Robotic Machine Tool Tray Loaders, with four standard models handling trays with gondola dun-age from 6" x 6" to 48" x 48", each with four different sizes.

Setco / Pope / SMSI
GMN high speed grinding spindles, boring spindles, milling spindles, grinding spindles & accessories, precision dovetail slides, precision hardened steel way slides, linear recirculating ball slides, flex centers, quick turn around spindle repair.

Process Automation Technologies
Designers and builders of Campbell Bulk Floor Feeding Systems, including gravity feeding, opposing belt gentle feed systems, with advanced ergonomic designs and noise suppression. They also design and build advanced AquaFlow Industrial Washers with electric, gas or steam heated systems, drain decks, and air blow-off, and rust prevention. Process Automation Technologies provides complete solutions for your parts automation needs.