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Distech Systems

Distech Systems manufactures a complete line of tray stacking systems to interface with automation equipment. Feeding parts from trays is streamlined into an efficient, simple task. As the industry leader in the design and manufacture of parts handlers, Distech will increase your productivity and provide a rapid return on investment.


Distech has always dedicated itself to a simple, standard product philosophy. While many companies have built tray handlers, our standardization has allowed us to excel where others have floundered. We have amortized our engineering costs, optimized component usage and maximized our labor in a way only standardization allows. Our time tested systems and experience have propelled us to the forefront of tray handling automation.


Distech offers four standard products, all available in four model sizes, handling trays and dunnage from 6” x 6” to 48” x 48”. Please see our product section for details.